Where's Old What's-His-Name

We would like to locate alumni for whom we do not have complete or accurate contact information.  It may also be that some of our brothers have been taken home by Sister Death, and we would like to add this status to our database.

Please scroll though this list to see if you might know where some of your former classmates may live.  If you know their whereabouts, please let us know.  We would like to add them to our newsletter mailings so they can be made aware of reunions and other items of interest.

In consideration of everyone's privacy, our database contains information that is not listed here.  If you seek more information, or have information about one of our brothers, please contact the Database Manager.  Be sure to indicate the persons name and graduation year when you send in updated information.

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Graduation Year Name Last Known City and State
1983 [Top] Thomas Brausch Morrow, OH
1983 Joseph Burns Clovis, NM
1983 Joseph Campbell Albuquerque, NM
1983 Craig Donoho Mahomet, IL
1983 Michael Giannotta Batavia, OH
1983 Christopher Gucik Cleveland, OH
1983 Geoffrey Gulley Cincinnati, OH
1983 Michael Gunter Kansas City, MO
1983 Brian Harrigan Howard, OH
1983 Rev. Paul Kalchik Chicago, IL
1983 Christopher Lack Batavia, OH
1983 Robert Lauer Greenwood, IN
1983 Daniel Loebker Cincinnati, OH
1983 William Nichols Hamilton, OH
1983 Albert Rodriquez Iliff, CO
1982 Ross Alexander Hamilton, OH
1982 Bill Bikoma Chicago, IL
1982 Michael Codling Bloomfield, NM
1982 Daniel Harris Cincinnati, OH
1982 John Kruthaupt Las Vegas, NV
1982 Steve Maloney Cincinnati, OH
1982 Charles McQueen Covington, KY
1982 Michael Stine Strong City, KS
1982 Edward Thoman Lasalle, IL
1982 Chad Verret Morgan City, LA
1982 Richard Young Chicago, IL
1981 Robert Bernzen BLUE SPRINGS, MO
1981 Michael Bossert Harrison, OH
1981 Matthew Crockett Shively, KY
1981 Michael Ellis Liberty, IN
1981 Kenneth Flaherty Dry Ridge, KY
1981 Paul Griesser Cincinnati, OH
1981 John Hiles Waterford, MI
1981 John Knue Cincinnati, OH
1981 Stephen Lebrun Wilmington, OH
1981 Joseph Lynch Albuquerque, NM
1981 James Mahany Cincinnati, OH
1981 Joseph McDermott Dayton, OH
1981 James Metzger Middletown, OH
1981 Paul Ortiz Cincinnati, OH
1981 Mark Overberg Cincinnati, OH
1981 Mike Ruiz Cincinnati, OH
1981 Michael Russell Dayton, OH
1981 Allen Sanchez Los Lunas, NM
1981 Mark Shumate Williamsburg, OH
1981 Philip Smith Monroe, LA
1981 Mark Stephens Cincinnati, OH
1980 [Top] Robert Burgess Cincinnati, OH
1980 Tom Cruise Beverly Hills, CA
1980 Shane Dempler Louisville, KY
1980 James Gorski Georgetown, FL
1980 Anthony Helton Lakeside Park, KY
1980 Mark Jaszczak Chicago, IL
1980 James Keating North Kansas City, MO
1980 John Kowalski Cincinnati, OH
1980 Joseph Lairmore Dayton, OH
1980 Daniel Levandowski MUSKEGON, MI
1980 Daniel Lewis Cincinnati, OH
1980 Thomas McShane Normal, IL
1980 Jeffrey Mutschler Dayton, OH
1980 Craig Parcia Honor, MI
1980 Jeff Reece Jacksonville, FL
1980 Jerry Rodgers Mason, OH
1980 Louis Roybal Milan, NM
1980 Ronald Sanchez Farmington, NM
1980 Eric Sedillos Austin, TX
1980 Victor Silva Clovis, NM
1980 John Tapp Houston, TX
1980 Steve Tapp Houston, TX
1980 Donald Walter Celina, OH
1979 Michael Alexander Hamilton, OH
1979 Jon Callison Independence, KS
1979 Robert Campbell London N5X-3H6, ON
1979 Michael Casey Kettering, OH
1979 Thomas Fethke Westland, MI
1979 John Gardner Valley Station, KY
1979 Kevin Heindorf Chicago Hts, IL
1979 Paul Lorenz Ft Thomas, KY
1979 Joseph Lori Louisville, KY
1979 Joseph Lovato Tome, NM
1979 Edward Makin Cincinnati, OH
1979 Timothy Meyer Cincinnati, OH
1979 Jeffrey Motz Cincinnati, OH
1979 James Pahls Cincinnati, OH
1979 William Rivera Ft Wayne, IN
1979 Michael Sanchez Farmington, NM
1979 Pete Schaefer Champaign, IL
1979 Mike Schell Cincinnati, OH
1979 Timothy Shumate Williamsburg, OH
1979 William Tribbey New Albany, IN
1979 Joseph Wagner Connersville, IN
1979 Scott Walker Toledo, IL
1979 John Woerman Ft Mitchell, KY
1978 Dennis Bell Cincinnati, OH
1978 Raymond Brown Cincinnati, OH
1978 Christopher Campbell Dallas, TX
1978 Michael Delaney Ft Wayne, IN
1978 Wayne Demaris Morrow, OH
1978 Michael Gilb Cincinnati, OH
1978 David Gregg Harrison Twp, MI
1978 Ronald Gunther Louisville, KY
1978 Mark Hayden Lawrenceburg, KY
1978 Bradley Huelsman Dayton, OH
1978 Albert Jaramillo Aurora, CO
1978 Gregory Johnson Jeffersonville, IN
1978 William Kemper Cincinnati, OH
1978 David Lang Novi, MI
1978 John Lithgow Santa Fe, NM
1978 Jonathan McCoy West Covina, CA
1978 Alexander Mikulich East Lansing, MI
1978 David Muckridge Indianapolis, IN
1978 Dino Richardson Cincinnati, OH
1978 Robert Sticht Athens, GA
1978 Anthony Vieira Tracy, CA
1978 Mark Vilaboy Cincinnati, OH
1978 Robert Voss Goshen, OH
1978 Robert Walters Cincinnati, OH
1978 Joseph Wiest Cincinnati, OH
1977 Delfred Baldwin Chinle, AZ
1977 David Bastian Cincinnati, OH
1977 George Bernzen BLUE SPRINGS, MO
1977 Sulaka Bikoma Chicago, IL
1977 Robert Cochran Wichita, KS
1977 Timothy Cook Indianapolis, IN
1977 Donald Faulk Kansas City, KS
1977 John Gerke Cincinnati, OH
1977 William Hess Cincinnati, OH
1977 Robert Huelsman Vandalia, OH
1977 Robert Lubold Quantico, VA
1977 Emery Moore Alamogordo, NM
1977 Mike Neltner Cincinnati, OH
1977 Patrick Neville Lebanon, OH
1977 Tim Perkins Seattle, WA
1977 John Schaffer San Francisco, CA
1977 Roderick Seymour San Fidel, NM
1977 Stephen Townley Brevard, NC
1977 Robert Voskuhl Port Carbon, PA
1977 Peter Waalkes Grand Junction, CO
1977 John Wright Richmond, IN
1977 Mark Wright Richmond, IN
1977 Jerome Zwiller Detroit, MI
1976 Robert Ange Cincinnati, OH
1976 James Bergmann San Diego, CA
1976 Steven Cuchetti Berkley, MI
1976 Michael Dowling Cincinnati, OH
1976 Timothy Fogarty Kansas City, KS
1976 Brian Harper Farmington, NM
1976 James Holechko Chicago, IL
1976 Dale Hoyt San Antonio, TX
1976 Alvin Juanico San Fidel, NM
1976 Joseph Kuntz Bloomington, IL
1976 Gino McGowens Cincinnati, OH
1976 James Merz Cincinnati, OH
1976 Gene Mixtacki Cincinnati, OH
1976 David Quintana Ledoux, NM
1976 Wayne Reising Washington, IL
1976 Laurence Ridgley Farmington, NM
1976 Tom Rosenbauer Fairfield, OH
1976 Richard Stover Unknown
1976 Timothy Wood Greenville, OH
1975 [Top] Courtney Allaert Moline, IL
1975 Randy Bennett Aurora, IN
1975 Christopher Bingamon Dayton, OH
1975 Gregory Blanck Farmington, NM
1975 Robert Bohanon Cincinnati, OH
1975 Donald Boutte Lafayette, LA
1975 John Bruder Lebanon, IN
1975 Michael Clarke Pleasant Ridge, MI
1975 Michael Cosby Hamilton, OH
1975 Timothy Daw Naperville, IL
1975 Michael Donahue Cincinnati, OH
1975 Gregory Furlong Indianapolis, IN
1975 Anthony Hungler Cincinnati, OH
1975 Ronald Johns Ft Defiance, AZ
1975 Kenneth Kordenbrock Palm Harbor, FL
1975 Ruben Mancillas Hereford, TX
1975 Bernard Moorman Burke, VA
1975 Edward Quinn Livonia, MI
1975 Jack (John) Ruskowitz Cincinnati, OH
1975 Tony Sena Cincinnati, OH
1975 Sherman Smith Cincinnati, OH
1975 Jeffrey Taylor Lake Charles, LA
1974 Walter Baldwin Chinle, AZ
1974 Timothy Barrett Louisville, KY
1974 Sgt. Brian Border Duluth, GA
1974 Joseph Brannen Cincinnati, OH
1974 Lewis Canter Memphis, MI
1974 Steven Dunn Louisville, KY
1974 Kevin Fogarty Kansas City, KS
1974 Anthony Greiner Albuquerque, NM
1974 Clemente Griego Albuquerque, NM
1974 Steve Krause Oxford, MI
1974 Phillip Madrid Las Vegas, NM
1974 Gregory Martinez Archer City, TX
1974 Mark Mayrand Wyandotte, MI
1974 John Prather Chicago, IL
1974 Gary Recinella Macomb, MI
1974 Christopher Schmitt Fountain, CO
1974 John Stephan Hamilton, OH
1974 James Stewart Cincinnati, OH
1974 Thomas Studer Cold Spgs, KY
1974 Kenneth White Lafayette, IN
1973 Robert Boland Cincinnati, OH
1973 William Bonvillain Lake Charles, LA
1973 Randie Boutte Lafayette, LA
1973 Greg Brunner Cincinnati, OH
1973 Adolph Dwenger Indianapolis, IN
1973 Steve Enneking Oldenburg, IN
1973 John Hansen Dayton, OH
1973 Paul Henderson Albuquerque, NM
1973 Bob Keegan Cincinnati, OH
1973 James Kenner Dallas, TX
1973 Richard Kuethe Cincinnati, OH
1973 Thomas Lueders Willowwick, OH
1973 Kirk Martin Littleton, CO
1973 Frank Ortiz Albuquerque, NM
1973 Sidney Quintana Albuquerque, NM
1973 Joseph Samora Albuquerque, NM
1973 Frank Sanchez Grants, NM
1973 Richard Saxton Cleveland, OH
1973 Michael Siegert Cincinnati, OH
1973 Robert Stark East Detroit, MI
1973 Scott Steffek Country Club Hills, IL
1973 Ron Widmaier West Chester, OH
1973 Robert Williams Farmington, MI
1972 Gary Bales Fairacres, NM
1972 Dennis Breaux San Fidel, NM
1972 Louis Brune iii Philadelphia, PA
1972 Michael Butler Cincinnati, OH
1972 Christopher Cook Placitas, NM
1972 Vincent Demoret Oldenburg, IN
1972 Michael Francis Las Vegas, NM
1972 Adam Griego Albuquerque, NM
1972 Paul Hearn Jeanette, PA
1972 Anthony Jannuzzi Dearborn, MI
1972 Michael Kruzich Grand Rapids, MI
1972 Allan Lavery Denver, CO
1972 John Litmer Unknown
1972 Robert Luckey Cincinnati, OH
1972 William Luttrell Alexandria, VA
1972 Robert Martinez Tesuque, NM
1972 Dan Quartermont LA
1972 John Riddle Cincinnati, OH
1972 Steven Robich Davenport, IA
1972 Gilbert Santastevens Albuquerque, NM
1972 Mark Sassman Austin, TX
1972 Michael Schnuck Cincinnati, OH
1972 David Schuetz Indianapolis, IN
1972 John Sherman Muncie, IN
1972 Curt Sorge Southfield, MI
1972 Alan White Cleveland, OH
1971 Daniel Burgess Cincinnati, OH
1971 David Coffman Akron, OH
1971 James Connor Louisville, KY
1971 Glenn Gamm Cincinnati, OH
1971 John Hauptman Normal, IL
1971 Terrence Morbach Livonia, MI
1971 John Sagel Cincinnati, OH
1971 Rafael Sciullo Lebanon, CT
1971 Michael Smethers Ft Wayne, IN
1971 William Tarter Houston, TX
1971 Martin Trujillo Santa Fe, NM
1971 Bob Wissel Cincinnati, OH
1970 [Top] Louis Arellano Santa Fe, NM
1970 Jeffrey Clarke Pleasant Ridge, MI
1970 James Connole Kansas City, MO
1970 John Devine Warren, MI
1970 David Duhon Scott, LA
1970 James Dunn Cincinnati, OH
1970 Michael Gallagher East Grand Rapids, MI
1970 Dennis Hirt Cincinnati, OH
1970 Bruce Johnson Cincinnati, OH
1970 Alan Juan Saint Petersburg, FL
1970 John Leech Youngstown, OH
1970 Rudolph Llamas Santa Fe, NM
1970 James Loftus Streator, IL
1970 Anthony Lujan Albuquerque, NM
1970 Dan Mauk New York, NY
1970 Paul Millner Portales, NM
1970 Donny Ortiz Santa Fe, NM
1970 Kevin Preston San Antonio, TX
1970 John Reeves Ft Thomas, KY
1970 Paul Sauriol Lee's Summit, MO
1970 Leo Schetzer Vine Grove, KY
1970 Arthur Sena Santa Fe, NM
1970 Francis Shea Cincinnati, OH
1970 Stephen Squier Howell, MI
1970 Stephen Staloch Springfield, OH
1970 Thomas Tamm Spokane Vly, WA
1970 Marty Thieneman Fisherville, KY
1970 Martin Ulicne Duncansville, PA
1969 Robert Burns Detroit, MI
1969 James Cappelman Houston, TX
1969 Bernard Coomes Louisville, KY
1969 Leslie Cruz Chinle, AZ
1969 John Franz Royal Oak, MI
1969 Peter Garcia Santa Fe, NM
1969 James Greene Cincinnati, OH
1969 John Hayes Cincinnati, OH
1969 Leo Hendricks Peoria, AZ
1969 Allen Hill North Vernon, IN
1969 Stephen Huber Washington, DC
1969 Gilbert Humilestewa Gallup, NM
1969 Anthony Ketterer Fairfield, OH
1969 William Koeppel Peoria, IL
1969 Francis Laundre Escanaba, MI
1969 Gregory Liesse Streator, IL
1969 Pat Lopez Los Gatos, CA
1969 Mark Luchetti Farmington, NM
1969 Nicodemos Maestas Farmington, NM
1969 James Manning L'anse, MI
1969 Ramsey Marin Clovis, NM
1969 John Marshall Rock Island, IL
1969 William McAndrew Farmington, NM
1969 Kevin Mcardle Ft Wayne, IN
1969 Anthony Medley Gallup, NM
1969 John Moster Liberty, IN
1969 Michael Mote Xenia, OH
1969 James Mueller Detroit, MI
1969 Donald Murphy Lafayette, IN
1969 Franklin Murphy Cannon Afb, NM
1969 John Neumann Missoula, MT
1969 Thomas Olding Cincinnati, OH
1969 Franklin Pacheco Santa Fe, NM
1969 Marvin Pax Amelia Island, FL
1969 Cyril Payne Owensboro, KY
1969 Joseph Pitstick Xenia, OH
1969 Robert Rodriquez Emporia, KS
1969 Alfred Sanchez Santa Rosa, NM
1969 Jon Sharette Albuquerque, NM
1969 Brian Stocklin Arlington, VA
1969 Donald Summerhill Solon, OH
1969 Dave Talley Columbus, GA
1969 Randolph Tatro Lapeer, MI
1969 Stephen Thieneman Louisville, KY
1969 Henry Timmerman Ft Recovery, OH
1969 Charles Trainor Roswell, NM
1969 Michael Utterback Greybull, WY
1969 Phillip Valencia Farmington, NM
1969 Thomas Vallejo Rock Island, IL
1969 Michael Werden Vincennes, IN
1969 William Wierzbowski Philadelphia, PA
1969 Joel Williams Rochelle, IL
1969 Robert Wise jr Kent, OH
1969 John Zibert St Bonaventure, NY
1968 Michael Brust Emporia, KS
1968 Raymond Buckel Beaverton, OR
1968 Paul Coomes Louisville, KY
1968 Douglas Eberhart Lafayette, IN
1968 Mark Giles Toledo, OH
1968 Paul Giles Maumee, OH
1968 Paul Hohl Kansas City, MO
1968 Donald Jones Cincinnati, OH
1968 Kenneth Kemphues Cincinnati, OH
1968 James Koch Cincinnati, OH
1968 William Langschied Ft Wayne, IN
1968 David Lewis Denver, CO
1968 Joseph Magruder Louisville, KY
1968 Walter Mattes Ft Wayne, IN
1968 Stephen Merkel Ironton, OH
1968 Stephen Norris Miamisburg, OH
1968 Patrick Ortiz Santa Fe, NM
1968 Emery Romero Clovis, NM
1968 Thomas Schellenbach Albuquerque, NM
1968 Michael Schenk Bloomington, IL
1968 Philip Staloch Springfield, OH
1968 Henry Trujillo Farmington, NM
1968 Michael Trujillo Denver, CO
1968 Tom Vanderhoof Columbia, MO
1968 Pat Welsh Cincinnati, OH
1967 Melvin Antonio Winslow, AZ
1967 Raynoldo Baca Unknown
1967 John Barry Walled Lake, MI
1967 Michael Beck Colorado Spgs, CO
1967 John Brauner Streator, IL
1967 Patrick Burke Morton, IL
1967 Tobias Chavez Unknown
1967 Steven Corbitt Bloomington, IL
1967 David Custer Cincinnati, OH
1967 Carlos Derivera Deerfield, IL
1967 Frederick Dinapoli Springfield, PA
1967 Michael Discepoli Cincinnati, OH
1967 Daniel Donohue Guerneville, CA
1967 Paul Driscoll Metamora, IL
1967 Stephen Findley Dayton, OH
1967 Thomas Flamboe Detroit, MI
1967 Nicholas Gehring Lawrenceburg, IN
1967 Thomas Gibson New Vienna, OH
1967 James Hands Grants, NM
1967 Roy Higgins Lafayette, IN
1967 Charles Hill Beaverton, OR
1967 Thomas Holland Bloomington, IL
1967 Ronald Holzman Wichita, KS
1967 Hubert Johnson San Angelo, TX
1967 James Jur Ft Wayne, IN
1967 Thomas Keenan Barberton, OH
1967 Patrick Klepper Lawrenceburg, IN
1967 David Kochert Lafayette, IN
1967 Anthony Leist Cincinnati, OH
1967 Mark Leppert Louisville, KY
1967 Douglas Leschak Dayton, OH
1967 Dean Levay Loveland, OH
1967 Daniel Lipinski Dayton, OH
1967 Thomas Lopez Albuquerque, NM
1967 Warren McClintock Cincinnati, OH
1967 Harold Meyer Batesville, IN
1967 Michael O'leary Painesville, OH
1967 Jose Ortiz Santa Fe, NM
1967 Teodoro Ortiz Unknown
1967 Edward Piet Dearborn, MI
1967 James Quinn Birmingham, MI
1967 Robert Quinn Plymouth, MI
1967 Raymond Raef Kansas City, KS
1967 Gene Rericha Chicago, IL
1967 Armando Rodriquez San Angelo, TX
1967 Thomas Ryan Cincinnati, OH
1967 Peter Savage Grosse Pointe, MI
1967 Mark Stanton Roseville, MI
1967 Michael Teschner Cincinnati, OH
1967 Gayle Thelen Lafayette, IN
1967 Joseph Toriskie Parma, OH
1967 John Vollman Cincinnati, OH
1967 James Walling Dearborn, MI
1967 Robert Zeisler St Bernard, OH
1966 John Basanese Bay Village, OH
1966 Paul Buening Plainfield, IN
1966 Wayne Clark Roswell, GA
1966 William Clark Louisville, KY
1966 Ronald Cochran Dayton, OH
1966 Michael Doerflein Houston, TX
1966 James Feichtner Naples, FL
1966 Russell Fox Hamilton, OH
1966 David Genevay New Orleans, LA
1966 Louis Gomez Blanco, NM
1966 Dennis Gramman Lafayette, IN
1966 Cornelius Halsmer Lafayette, IN
1966 James Harris Detroit, MI
1966 Daniel Houlihan Santa Fe, NM
1966 John Isbell Birmingham, MI
1966 Paul Jacobs Washington, DC
1966 Michael Joines Farmington, NM
1966 Thomas Juliani Cincinnati, OH
1966 Robert Keller Louisville, KY
1966 James Kennedy Hartford City, IN
1966 David King Dayton, OH
1966 Laurance Krueger Olpe, KS
1966 Alan Kunkel Unknown
1966 David Labrec Farmington, NM
1966 Paul Legge Wichita, KS
1966 John Liedhegner Cincinnati, OH
1966 David Macias Albuquerque, NM
1966 Burke Minnehan Grants, NM
1966 Steven Monahan Saint Petersburg, FL
1966 Michael Montgomery Chicago, IL
1966 Bill Nauman Swainsboro, GA
1966 Thomas Nelson Potterville, MI
1966 Bruce Nisse Dearborn, MI
1966 Rodney Patten Wichita, KS
1966 Gary Powell Loveland, OH
1966 Thomas Quinn Plymouth, MI
1966 Glenn Richards San Diego, CA
1966 Franklin Ross Dayton, OH
1966 Michael Rusk Roswell, NM
1966 Richard Sakasitz Albuquerque, NM
1966 John Scanlon Gallup, NM
1966 Michael Sella Shiprock, NM
1966 William Slansky Wichita, KS
1966 John Stachler Dayton, OH
1966 Raymond Staley Bloomington, IL
1966 Ronald Staley Bloomington, IL
1966 Timothy Staley Albuquerque, NM
1966 Edward Suina Manassa, CO
1966 Thomas Sullivan Kansas City, KS
1966 Greg Sweeney Shelton, CT
1966 Francis Valdez Grants, NM
1966 Richard Weaver Peoria, IL
1966 James Weber Lansing, MI
1966 Thomas Wood Hammond, IN
1966 Ronald Wroblewski Detroit, MI
1966 John Zint Ludlow, KY
1965 [Top] Francis Albrights Lafayette, IN
1965 Pedro Arevalo Cincinnati, OH
1965 Sam Baca Santa Fe, NM
1965 Jim Brotz Boone, NC
1965 Edward Brown St Clair Shores, MI
1965 David Donovan New Orleans, LA
1965 John Eisfelder Peoria, IL
1965 Donald Fassnacht Lafayette, IN
1965 Marvin Ferkinhoff Oldenburg, IN
1965 John Fields Bloomington, IL
1965 Thomas Flamm High Point, NC
1965 Michael Garvey Cincinnati, OH
1965 Robert Gramman Lafayette, IN
1965 Richard Haegman Ft Wayne, IN
1965 Michael Hundiak Halifax, NS
1965 Joseph Kovacick Farmington, NM
1965 Phillip Lagalo Saginaw, MI
1965 Ronald Lauer Denver, CO
1965 Joseph Laura New Orleans, LA
1965 Andrew Leyba Albuquerque, NM
1965 Edward Luhn Cincinnati, OH
1965 Richard Mahoney West Hollywood, FL
1965 Donald Maier Streator, IL
1965 Peter Malley Streator, IL
1965 Thomas Mangeot Dayton, OH
1965 Franklin Martz Belton, MO
1965 Michael Mathiasen Farmington, NM
1965 Bernard McCoy Royal Oak, MI
1965 Matthew McFadden Cincinnati, OH
1965 John Memmer Lafayette, IN
1965 Theodore Mertens Lexington, KY
1965 William Nare Cincinnati, OH
1965 Edward Oestreicher Cincinnati, OH
1965 James Patten Wichita, KS
1965 George Pelphrey Chillicothe, IL
1965 Michael Roths Alpharetta, GA
1965 Tony Joe Sakis Palmer, AK
1965 Bruce Sanders San Angelo, TX
1965 Robert Schroeder Ypsilanti, MI
1965 Richard Thomas Birmingham, MI
1965 Anthony Vuotto Milford, OH
1965 Donald Weber Cincinnati, OH
1965 Dan Wiegand Grosse Pointe Woods, MI
1965 Arnold wissel Dayton, OH
1965 Michael Zalewski Lansing, MI
1964 Glenn Bailey Arkansas City, KS
1964 Charles Bickford Pikeville, KY
1964 Gregory Boldra Roswell, NM
1964 Patrick Cash Pekin, IL
1964 Anthony Conte Cincinnati, OH
1964 Theodore Deats Denver, CO
1964 William Dinges Silver Springs, MD
1964 James Doherty Ft Wayne, IN
1964 Jon Edwards Southfield, MI
1964 Frank Evans Cincinnati, OH
1964 Tom Fachan Corrales, NM
1964 Daniel Frechette Sterling Heights, MI
1964 Robert Freeby Unknown
1964 Henry Guinn Waxahachie, TX
1964 Mike Haig Marietta, GA
1964 Donald Hauff Canton, OH
1964 Richard Jackson Wichita, KS
1964 Joseph Kestler Cheviot, OH
1964 Stanley Lang Unknown
1964 John Melaski Hamilton, OH
1964 Wallace Melick Saginaw, MI
1964 Thomas Morales Albuquerque, NM
1964 Maj. Jerome Mueller San Angelo, TX
1964 Thomas Naegele Lawrenceburg, IN
1964 William O'reilly Sudbury, ON
1964 Anthony Parisio London, ON
1964 Michael Patton Columbus, OH
1964 Thomas Ricke Detroit, MI
1964 David Schmidt Colwich, KS
1964 Jerry Spray Unknown
1964 Lawrence Vabulas Berkley, MI
1963 Richard Alfaro Wichita, KS
1963 John Berman, Jr West Chester, OH
1963 John Beugelsdijk Unknown
1963 Francis Carpinelli Canton, OH
1963 Charles Edwards Wichita, KS
1963 Paul Esser Livonia, MI
1963 Fabian Gardner Santa Fe, NM
1963 William Halsmer Lafayette, IN
1963 Charles Kennedy Lafayette, IN
1963 Michael Kill Fairfax, CA
1963 Paul Leddy Columbus, IN
1963 Robert Marquardt Kansas City, MO
1963 Richard Mellinger Lafayette, IN
1963 Craig Olsen Farmington, NM
1963 George Ridenour Ann Arbor, MI
1963 James Stewart Farmington, NM
1963 Joseph Tafelski Southfield, MI
1963 Steven Weigel Albuquerque, NM
1963 Richard Wiwi Cincinnati, OH
1962 James Brito Grants, NM
1962 Raymond Chambers Midland, MI
1962 Henry Coors Kirkwood, MO
1962 Harold Davis Nashville, IN
1962 Elmer Fischesser Blue Ash, OH
1962 Henry Flott St Louis, MO
1962 David Gaither Silver Spgs, MD
1962 Luke Gerardot, o.h. Brookline, MA
1962 Richard Merrick Detroit, MI
1962 Robert Patterson Cleveland Hts, OH
1962 Bill Shea Evanston, IL
1962 George Siefert Cincinnati, OH
1962 Gary Wieland Emporia, KS
1961 Michael Andrykiewicz af17056557 Apo San Francisco, CA
1961 Alfredo Baca Santa Fe, NM
1961 David Brotz Howell, MI
1961 Leonard Budai Shiprock, NM
1961 David Charlie Phoenix, AZ
1961 Martin Close Clovis, NM
1961 Thomas Connors Columbus, OH
1961 Richard Decker Dearborn, MI
1961 John Duhaime Highland Park, MI
1961 Dennis Wissel Saint Augustine, FL
1960 [Top] Anton (caswell) Balcomb Santa Fe, NM
1960 Harold Davis Emporia, KS
1960 Barry Dunkeson Farmington, NM
1960 Ken Nadler Dallas, TX
1960 Bernard Parker Paxton, MA
1959 Frederick Schaeffer Unknown
1959 Grover Walker Unknown
1959 Ken Wohler Wichita, KS
1958 Len Bowman Baltimore, MD
1958 James Durbin St Bernard, OH
1958 Michael Janowski Detroit, MI
1958 Donald Keller Toledo, OH
1958 Joseph Toliver Payne, OH
1958 Joseph Wesselkamper Unknown
1957 Ed Albers Louisville, KY
1957 Edward Baer Baton Rouge, LA
1957 E Baker Unknown
1957 Tom Bishop Flint, MI
1957 R Hempel Unknown
1957 Gary Hipp Wichita, KS
1957 Donald Klinker Lafayette, IN
1957 Jose Maes Channa, NM
1957 D Martinez Unknown
1957 C Matthes Unknown
1957 R Moorman Unknown
1957 F Olivas Unknown
1957 Paul Pitzen Ft Wayne, IN
1957 James Pranger Ft Wayne, IN
1957 Narciso Sanchez Blanco, NM
1957 Paul Scheele Oldenburg, IN
1957 R Staud Unknown
1957 D Voegele Unknown
1957 Maurice Wernert Gretna, LA
1956 Robert 7 Maumee, OH
1956 Jerry Ariganello Newport, MI
1956 Robert Beer Murraysville, PA
1956  Begay Unknown
1956 Tom Bishop Flint, MI
1956 Nelson Bitsui Unknown
1956 James Canaday Birmingham, MI
1956  Debbrecht Unknown
1956 Dan Donart Unknown
1956  Fitzpatrick Unknown
1956 Philip Frederick Flint, MI
1956 Filipo Gallegos Channa, NM
1956 Martin Gallegos Unknown
1956 Joe Gavin Unknown
1956 Rueben Gomez Unknown
1956 Russell Grebner Unknown
1956 Jean Guevremont Montreal, PQ
1956 Bob Jones Lafayette, IN
1956  Keller Unknown
1956 Donald Klinker Decatur, IL
1956  Martinez Unknown
1956 John McAlear Bay City, MI
1956 James Pranger Ft Wayne, IN
1956  Reynolds Unknown
1955 [Top] Philix Aragon Albuquerque, NM
1955 Stephen Buri Winnipeg, MB
1955 Gary Davidson Wichita, KS
1955 Fr. Barton Demerchant Bloomfield Hills, MI
1955 Richard Gold Montrose, MI
1955 Francis Mille Ottawa, KS
1955 Ronald Miller Bloomington, IL
1955 Arsenio Montoya Cuba, NM
1955 John Morton Big Lake, TX
1955 Raymond Roy Escanaba, MI
1955 Peter Schmidt Cincinnati, OH
1955 James Shannon HUNTINGTON BEACH, CA
1955 Fred Volpert Louisville, KY
1955 James Washy Paulsboro, NJ
1954  Betzen Unknown
1954 Denis (Pep) Blank Lower Burrell, PA
1954 Paul Federle Indianapolis, IN
1954 Anthony Garcia Albuquerque, NM
1954 Bob Hocker Grants, NM
1954 Donald Jarvis Bay City, MI
1954 George Lanceskes Winter Park, FL
1954 Michael Lastichen Robling, NJ
1954 Gary McGrath Ottawa, KS
1954 David Metz Emporia, KS
1954 Richard Moores Greenville, OH
1954 Jack Peters Westernport, MD
1954 Frank Petrocelli Cincinnati, OH
1954 Charles Purcell Schneider, IN
1954 Robert Redeker Olpe, KS
1954 Robert Seifert Columbus, OH
1954 Nils Thompson, O.F.M. Phoenix, AZ
1953 John Cass Lake Orion, MI
1953 Thomas Cass Escanaba, MI
1953 Harry Drahman Norwood, OH
1953 Robert Hartigan Cincinnati, OH
1953 John Killop Unknown
1953 Walter King British Columbia, 
1953 George Roberts South Bend, IN
1953 Jack Singleton Unknown
1953 Joseph Thibodeaux Sioux City, IA
1953 Robert Thomas Unknown
1952 Neil Barachini Delmar, NY
1952 Norbert Beckman Unknown
1952 Benedict Begin Los Lunas, NM
1952 John Beltramea Washburn, IL
1952 William Dalton Unknown
1952 Edwin Eckel Denver, CO
1952 James Edrington Unknown
1952 Gerald Fasbinder Unknown
1952 Charles Flaherty Cincinnati, OH
1952 Cornelius Grove Unknown
1952 Frank Harper Louisville, KY
1952 Thomas Henry Unknown
1952 Denzil Howes Toledo, OH
1952 Peter Jorgensen San Antonio, TX
1952 Jerome Kauflin Unknown
1952 Gordon Martin Grand Rapids, MI
1952 John McKinney Fort Collins, CO
1952 Earl Ripperger Metamora, IN
1952 Bobby Joe Roudon Los Alamos, NM
1952 Robert Schultz St Bernard, OH
1952 James Sherritt Albuquerque, NM
1952 James Shirk Unknown
1952 John Springborn Unknown
1952 Norbert Stanford Unknown
1952 Joseph Walk Unknown
1952 Robert Woods Washington, DC
1950 [Top] John Kolka Royal Oak, MI
1950 Anthony Walter Cincinnati, OH
1949 Finbarr Coyle Unknown
1949 Herman Harkins Unknown
1949 Charles Hatke Lafayette, IN
1949 Kermit Killough Baltimore, MD
1949 Ralph Klinker South San Francisco, CA
1949 Conrad Lampe Unknown
1949 John Meisenhelder Cincinnati, OH
1948 Paul Deblassie Albuquerque, NM
1948 Norbert Schneider Springfield, IL
1947 Ray Bir Mulberry, IN
1947 Roger Petras Unknown
1946 Vic Effler Cincinnati, OH
1946 Robert Owen Dayton, OH
1946 Norbert Tiemeyer Wichita, KS
1945 [Top] Don Aveline Delphi, IN
1944 James Boyle Grand Rapids, MI
1944 Dr. Donald Brinkman Cincinnati, OH
1943 Eugenio Chavez Santa Fe, NM
1943 Joseph Solbach Lafayette, IN
1943 James Young Unknown
1942 Robert Von Hagel Cincinnati, OH
1941 Paul Giles Oregon, OH
1941 Rev. Victor Schott Lafayette, IN
1940 [Top] Jim Burns West Des Moines, IA
1940 Chris Schneider Cincinnati, OH
1939 Bob Baker New Port Richey, FL
1938 Jude Sukup Cincinnati, OH
1936 Roman Pfalzer Cincinnati, OH
1935 Fred Jehle Santa Barbara, CA
1933 Robert Williams Unknown
1929 Mark Mcallister Floyds Knob, IN
1927 Martin Braig MILFORD, OH
1926 Edward Gerstner Cincinnati, OH
1926 Joseph Koetters Cincinnati, OH
1926 Henry Moeller Cincinnati, OH
1926 Frank Nick Shawnee, KS
1918 Ernest Boehmer Dayton, OH
1916 Louis Meiners Louisville, KY
19?? Rafael Aguado Los Lunas, NM
19?? Juan Alejo-Justo Cedar Lake, IN
19?? Ken Anderson Redford, MI
19?? Timothy Bacey Cincinnati, OH
19?? Ken Bausoff Roswell, GA
19?? Woodrow Bergerone New Orleans, LA
19?? Michael Bishop Cedar Lake, IN
19?? Gerard Bribiescas Cedar Lake, IN
19?? Duane Brown Cedar Lake, IN
19?? Raphael Bulcher Unknown
19?? James Campbell NM
19?? Gilberto Cavazos-Gonzalez Chicago, IL
19?? E Clark Howell, MI
19?? Earl Cocuzzi Unknown
19?? Douglas Collins Chicago, IL
19?? Nick Costra Unknown
19?? Simeon Curran Unknown
19?? Tim Daddario Cedar Lake, IN
19?? Antonio Francesco Grosse Pointe, MI
19?? Jose Gonzalez Chicago, IL
19?? Antonio Gonzalez-Parangueo San Antonio, TX
19?? Joachim Gourrier Unknown
19?? Tom Heuser Chicago, IL
19?? Anthony Hilton Erlanger, KY
19?? Regis Howitz Pittsburgh, PA
19?? Terrence Huhn Unknown
19?? David Kelly Chicago, IL
19?? Michael Kocher Chicago, IL
19?? Andrew Komensky Columbia, SC
19?? Joseph Kowacic Calumet, MI
19?? Lincoln Larousse Cincinnati, OH
19?? Don Leitch Unknown
19?? James Liepman Ponca City, OK
19?? Paul Maggio Walled Lake, MI
19?? James Mallany Chicago, IL
19?? Esteban Martinez Cedar Lake, IN
19?? Timothy Meyers Emporia, KS
19?? Rafael Morales Cedar Lake, IN
19?? Kevin Morre Wellington, KS
19?? Kelly Niles Southfield, MI
19?? Julio Ochoa-Castillo Jemez Pueblo, NM
19?? Jim Paisano Oakland, CA
19?? Bob Parisio London, ON
19?? Apolonio Perez Chicago, IL
19?? Rommel Perez-Flores San Antonio, TX
19?? James Pohlig San Clemente, CA
19?? Jeffrey Poucket Wildwood, MO
19?? Robert Ranger Tempe, AZ
19?? Joel Readman Chicago, IL
19?? Charles Reid Chicago, IL
19?? Christopher Rey Cedar Lake, IN
19?? Conran Runnebaum Albuquerque, NM
19?? Martin Schmidt Hamilton, OH
19?? Maurice Sharp Unknown
19?? Fred Siciliano Chicago, IL
19?? Payton Slattery Unknown
19?? John Slavinsky Unknown
19?? Savio Smith Unknown
19?? Jim Sysko Clarks Summit, PA
19?? James Tekulve Madison, IN
19?? Juniper Thome Unknown
19?? Thinh Tran Chicago, IL
19?? Michael Ubben Chicago, IL
19?? Donald West Cincinnati, OH
19?? Eric Wilgenbusch Guilford, IN
19?? Jerome Wolbert Chicago, IL
???? Kevin Janke Cedar Lake, IN
???? [Top] Timothy Tran Chicago, Il